Our professional moving crews provide the quality and extensive protection of an international move to your employees moving within the U.S.

As a pioneer in the household goods moving industry, our goal is to consistently raise the standard of domestic moving. For almost 20 years, we have been doing just that. We always look beyond the horizon of our industry to develop and deliver innovative and cost effective programs for our clients, while continuously improving our quality.

Domestic Containerized Moving

Domestic containerized moving is an innovation, in which skilled professionals carefully export wrap items with protective materials to avoid any damages while in transit. The goods are then loaded directly into specially designed wooden containers, called lift-vans, at origin, and are readied for transport.

The export wrap method of shipping is based on international standards; items are wrapped and packed as if they were being transported to another part of the world. Once loaded, all lift-vans are secured with steel bands for security, and labeled for shipping. The same container is delivered directly to the destination residence or storage facility eliminating the double handling of goods and lessening the chance of damage, resulting in a lower claims ratio.

Transportation of all containers is accomplished using enclosed air-ride trailers. Dates for pickup and delivery of shipments are guaranteed and, because no spread dates are required, transit times are significantly reduced. Our containerized shipping option is beneficial for all size shipments and is very economical, especially for shipments that require storage-in-transit (S.I.T.). Additionally, there are no peak season challenges or shortages of equipment. Domestic Containerized Moving is the highest quality domestic alternative to standard household goods carrier services that provides advantages in:

  • Transit Time
  • Employee Expensive Cost Savings
  • Enhanced Shipment Protection and Handling
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction

We have domestic contracts with the largest van lines in the U.S. market so we can offer you an alternative to the Containerized Service above. With our purchasing power, we are able to offer a superb discount structure that we pass on to you as our client.

Beyond the Boxes

Excellence is the expectation, and your transferees’ expectations need to be exceeded. Interconex can provide Executive levels of service customized for each high-touch move and priced accordingly.

The list of available Concierge Services include:

  • Supervision of the move by the Executive Team.
  • Pre-departure organization –parsing for shipping, donation or recycling.
  • Dedicated member of management at residence when crew is present.
  • Put away, placement and organization service at destination.
  • Home cleaning services.
  • Catering service while crew is at residence.
  • Homecoming packages available.
  • Contact details of President and Executive Vice President.
  • Additional in-home or virtual assistance with claim paperwork (if needed.)

Storage may be required at origin or destination. At origin, goods may be stored while you travel for a short-term contract or while you are awaiting confirmation of your travel arrangements. At destination, storage may be needed if your new home is not available or if some items are not required immediately. Storage may be required for long term assignments where it simply is not practical to move all your household goods to the country of your assignment or if your goods may exceed your company’s allowances.

Interconex has its own state-of-the-art warehouses in most of the major metropolitan areas of the United States. In addition, we have contracts with high quality warehouses in the rest of the areas of the United States as well as countries around the world. All of the facilities offer secure storage for any of your requirements whether they be for household goods, cars, boats, etc. Some also provide special facilities for document storage, high value deposits, antiques, and works of art. Interconex can be relied upon to provide safe-keeping and convenient access for all your needs.

Transporting pets can cause much anxiety for both people and the animals. Interconex aims to reduce those worries by minimizing the stress on animals when traveling to another country. Interconex will help to find a safe, reliable, and dependable transportation option for your domesticated animals through our network of pet movers. A dedicated pet mover will instruct you on the needed paperwork, the veterinary inspections and the necessary injections, as well as travel options.

When shipping day arrives, the pet mover will arrange for your pet to be collected and taken to the airport in good time, but without any unnecessary delay before the plane takes off. They will also organize a transit case, individually designed for your pet to ensure that it is as comfortable as possible throughout the flight.

In order to protect your belongings during your move, we recommend insurance to provide protection for all of your belongings. The Interconex insurance policy, which is an all-risk, door-to-door policy with no deductible, covers the shipment from the time it is packed to the time it is unpacked in the new residence, based on a Valued Inventory List (VIL). This VIL is a comprehensive list of all items being shipped with a value attached to each item. In this way, all of your belongings will be insured for their full replacement value. We can also tailor an insurance program around the policies and specific requirements of the client by providing various insurance alternatives.

This VIL is a comprehensive list of all items being shipped with a value attached to each item. In this way, all of your belongings will be insured for their full replacement value.

In the event of a claim, please notify the Interconex Global Move Specialist immediately. The Global Move Specialist will put you in contact with our In-House claims department who will begin the process of handling your unfortunate claim. The In-House claims department gives us the ability to swiftly resolve claims quicker than the industry norm. Claims are settled upon receipt of appropriate repair bills or estimates. Claims are reported to Interconex but can be adjusted by the underwriter. Interconex may assign a professional surveyor who will gather all documentation and coordinate the final settlement with the underwriters. For additional information on your insurance coverage, please check our Insurance Program.

You’re Moving!

If you’re ready to make the move and choose Interconex, click below for our Moving Day tips and tricks, as well as what to expect … see you soon!

You’re Moving!

If you’re ready to make the move and choose Interconex, click below for our Moving Day tips and tricks, as well as what to expect … see you soon!

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