Interconex is committed to improving the environment we all share and doing so by having operating practices that have minimal environmental impact. We value sustainability, and for decades have developed strategies for green procurement policies and programs that will in turn conserve natural resources, materials and energy; and maximize recyclability and recycled content.

We continually raise awareness on environmental issues, provide relevant information and training to our employees, and select suppliers based on their ability to procure environmentally preferable products at competitive prices. It is critical to us that our global partners share this philosophy.

Arbor Day Foundation
As part of our sustainability approach, Interconex is very proud of our long-standing partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. We plant one tree in one of our nation’s forests for every shipment booked with us. Since the inception of the program, Interconex has funded the planting of more than 44,000 trees!

Arbor Day Foundation

Move for Hunger
We also partner with Move For Hunger, which not only helps keep people from going hungry, but also reduces food waste by donating unused food from relocating transferees. It is estimated that 14% of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions could be eliminated by reducing food waste.

Move for Hunger

Paper & eWaste
We are so proud that our offices have been paperless since 2008. We are also mindful of e-waste, and our Information Technology Department consistently finds safe and ecological ways to recycle and donate our obsolete technology.

Paper & eWaste

Environmental Policy

Interconex’ environmental mission includes conducting its business in compliance with required environmental laws, regulations and permits. The company works to continuously improve environmental performance in all operations. Natural resources are conserved to the maximum extent by providing products from recycling, sustainable forestry and energy conservation. Our policy helps develop long-term benefits for all employees, our communities and the various stakeholders of our company.



  • Employees and contractors must comply with all applicable environmental rules and regulations.
  • Clear lines of communication for all environmental programs and audits are established and maintained.
  • All operations are managed in an environmentally-sensitive manner by emphasizing conservation through source reduction, recycling, and the use of renewable resources.
  • Employees are trained to respond to environmental situations by taking appropriate action to meet regulatory requirements, and to report immediately any release of hazardous materials to a supervisor.
  • To help assure compliance with federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations, the company regularly monitors and audits environmental performance.

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