Glossary of Terms

Make sure you know what you’re reading when it comes to moving your household goods. Click below to learn these important terms of the trade.

Accessorial / Add'l Services

Those services other than the transportation of your household goods, such as special crating, shuttle service, and appliance servicing that are either necessary to complete the move or requested by the shipper. These items often need special authorization from your company.

Air Waybill

A contract for air transportation and receipt of goods shipped; covers movement by an air carrier or air forwarder.

Bill of Lading

The original shipping contract that lists the dates, services and actual charges involved in a move and receipt for a shipper’s belongings.

Customs Examination

The physical inspection of a shipment by a customs official.


A charge for detaining a trailer, steamship or air container, or rail car beyond the time allowed.


The number of pounds or kilos per cubic foot or cubic meter within a given space.

Door-to-Door Service

The service from residence at origin to residence at destination, not including any storage-in-transit, duties and taxes, warehouse handling and any other charges for accessorial services.


The charge assessed by a government on shipments imported or exported.

Estimated Time of Departure (ETD)

The estimated day the driver will leave the origin with the shipment or estimated date on which a vessel is to depart from a seaport/airport.

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

The estimated time the shipment will arrive at port of entry.

Gross Weight

The total weight of a shipment including packing materials and the shipping container.


Large wooden boxes designed to hold household goods and fit into a steamship container. Sizes vary, but a standard lift van will be anywhere from 166 cubic feet to 200 cubic feet in size.

Net Weight

Weight of the shipment and packing materials only.

Overflow Container

The remaining portion of household goods that could not fit in the main body of the shipment.

Move Coordinator

The Interconex individual who assists the shipper and their family in the Door-to-Door moving process from beginning to end.


The owner of the household goods being transported.

Steamship Container

Large metal boxes that shipments are loaded into for ocean transport. The standard sizes of the containers mainly used are 20′ and 40′.


Temporary storage of a shipment; it can occur at any time after pick-up, but prior to delivery.

Transit Time

The length of time to get from origin to destination.

Tri-wall Container

Thick (three layers) cardboard boxes or cartons used for air shipments.

Valued Inventory List (VIL)

A list that establishes the value of your shipment for insurance purposes. A separate list is required for each portion of your shipment (air, sea, road, storage).

Volume / Volumetric Weight

The chargeable weight based on the amount of space occupied.

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