Helpful Hints

01 | Disconnecting Phones

Try not to disconnect telephones until at least the day after completion of your move.

02 | Unforseen Delays

Allow at least one day between the final move date and your departure date as a safety factor in case of unforeseen delays.

03 | Important Documents

Personal/important documents such as passports, visas, airline tickets, traveler’s checks, and legal documents – wills, bank statements, and medical records – should remain with you and safely secured so that these items are not inadvertently packed by the movers.

04 | High Value Items

Interconex cannot ship any high valued items, such as, jewelry, furs, stamp or coin collections, and any kind of currency. You must make your own arrangements for the storage or transport of any such items prior to the moving day. You can call your Move Coordinator for suggestions.

05 | “Do Not Ship”

Suitcases, garment bags and all other items which you will be hand carrying should be placed out of the way, such as in an emptied closet with the door marked “Do Not Ship”.

06 | Refrigerator Defrost

Empty, defrost, and clean your refrigerator and freezer at least 48 hours before packing begins. Leave the doors open so that the units can completely dry. Try and disconnect the icemaker at the time of defrosting. Helpful Hint: Put a box of baking soda in your refrigerator to help eliminate odors.

07 | Do Not Wax

Do not wax your floors because this might cause an accident during the move.

08 | Beds Stay Assembled

Beds should be left assembled but stripped of any bed linens.

09 | Kitchen Cabinets

Please have dishes in their appropriate cabinets, leaving the countertop space clear for the moving crew on which to work.

10 | Customs Declaration

Be sure you have the Customs Declaration form with you as you may have to declare your consignment when you enter the country.

11 | Don’t Ship These

Dispose of any aerosol sprays, matches, flammable liquids, perishable foods, explosives, ammunition, cleaning fluids, and detergents.

12 | Original Boxes

If you have the original boxes for your electronic items and/or computers, please give them to the movers because this will help in packing these items.

13 | Bad Weather

In the event of bad weather, please have driveway or a path cleared for the movers.

14 | Walk Through

Walk through your home and double check that nothing has been left in the house, garage or attic. Remember to check all cabinets and closets.

15 | Garage Sale

Have a garage sale. Get rid of books that no one will read again, those “someday this might come in handy” articles cluttering your attic. Don’t store what you won’t need three years from now.

16 | Gas & Propane

Empty your gas or propane tanks from your stove, barbecue, lawn mower, and any other gas powered items at least one week prior to moving. Helpful Hint: For your safety, go to your nearest gas station to properly dispose of your gas/propane tanks.

17 | Empty Gas Items

Please empty all petrol/gas-powered items (lawn mowers, etc.) well in advance of the move and leave the cap off to let the fumes evaporate.

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